You will need 60 minutes for the call.
This is an opportunity to schedule a "singer's strategy session" with me so I can get to know you and your goals as a singer. I only work with people who are ready to take action right away and see results each day thereafter. Are you ready to improve vocal endurance, performance, consistency, and confidence? If YES, then this is your first step in leveling up your voice. Let's do this.

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Attention: SINGER
From: Hunter :)

Hey there. My name is Hunter! 

Thank you for coming to this page.

Typically someone who clicks on this page is probably interested in what it would be like to work one on one with a vocal coach.

If you're in a situation where you're a singer and perhaps some days your voice feels good, some days your voice doesn't, or you have issues of vocal endurance, the range you want to get, higher notes to come out more powerfully, or maybe just the fatigue, right? Your voice wears out quickly and just all these various things that may or may not apply to you. 

But, you want to work with somebody to get through these obstacles.

Well, that's what I'm available for! And that's what I do with all of my students. Everybody's got a different goal in mind. But it all comes back to growing and strengthening the voice and overcoming those obstacles. 

So what I offer is a 1 to 1 mentorship.

I work very closely with the student throughout to make sure that we're hitting those goals and getting those milestones accomplished. 

And really, it all starts with just a free consultation

So this page is just a way where you can book a call with me directly.  We'll hop on a Zoom call, we'll have a conversation. I'll ask you a few questions about what you do as a singer and what those goals are - and I'll see if there's anything I can do to help. 

And at the end of the call, if you feel like, "Hey! We'd be a great fit to work together!" then I walk you through A to Z, how we can make that happen.

And so really the only step to do here is if you're interested in having that free conversation with me, just click the button to view my calendar. 

You can lock in a time that works best for you. Let's say it's a date next week, you push that time in, you push confirm. There's a short application for you to fill out as well, but it'll lock in that time and then you and I will have a conversation and we'll be able to uncover those goals and unpack a little bit of what it is you're looking for. 

So go ahead and click that button, book that call with me, and I'm here for you. 

I'll see you on the other side!

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