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Most singing courses leave you to do it all "by yourself", but what if you could actually learn to sing with direct access to me and let me guide you every step of the way? (like a coach should)

DISCLAIMER: The progress stated above are my personal results. Please understand my results are not typical, I'm not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing, growing, and studying singing 10+ years. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. Working toward any goal entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If someone does not tell you this before letting you join their program simply put they should. #transparency #honesty

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What Is...

From: Hunter Mariano

To: Singers & Future Superstars

Dear Friend,

If you're reading this then you likely know there's plenty of singing content to be learned online.

Of course, you have to find the RIGHT STRATEGY and usually have some level of experience to really make it work, and I am guessing if you're here, you've tried that before - and it simply didn't work.

Most "online courses" promise to "show you how" to sing better than anyone else and they cost up to literally $1,239.00 just to gain access to some videos that are usually outdated...

How are you supposed to take some outdated videos and actually learn to sing on the internet?

The simple answer is IT DOESN'T WORK FOR MANY PEOPLE

That's why I decided to create a program that goes against the norm and changes everything so that you don't fall into the same trap again.

My new Voice Box Fitness program literally allows you to get coached by me.

... and that's great news for you because it means you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt my goal isn't to just sell you some lousy outdated videos, my goal is for you to be successful and actually learn to sing with this program.

Instead of doing things alone you're going to simply gain access to my virtual vocal learning suite which includes direct access to me for all of your singing needs.

But First Let's Clear Something Up Real Fast...

This program and growing with me simply isn't for everyone.

In fact, this brand new Voice Box Fitness program might not even be for you?

This program is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) Singers who are looking to take their voices to the next level and overcome all singing obstacles.

2.) "Newbies" who are looking to start their singing journey the right way the first time and are determined to succeed vocally by investing in themselves.

If you aren't one of these types of people then unfortunately this program is likely not for you.

However, if you do fit into one of these categories we're excited to invite you to join the most exclusive and cost-effective program you'll ever find for becoming better singers.

Here's What You Get As A Member

After joining the Voice Box Fitness program here's what you get:

- Exclusive access to the VOCAL GYM which contains targeted vocal workouts to grow and strengthen every part of your voice.

- Exclusive access to the private student-only facebook group where you can grow together with a community of singers working together to grow and strengthen their voices.

In fact here's an example of JUST ONE of my students who began seeing amazing results by day 4 of the program

** By the way, these are actual results from my students and I am simply showing you so you can see how someone like you has transformed their voice (in record time) with this program. I am not guaranteeing you're going to see the same results in 4 days :) #transparency #honesty **

- BONUS: I am giving you access to the 14 Day Vocal Kickstarter which is a collection of training videos to help you make the most out of this program (and your voice) so, all of the guessing is removed! - This is a $147 value... yours free.

I am guessing you're pretty excited by now...

All Of this, For Under a Hundred Bucks... Hunter Are You Crazy?

( me I won't take that personally)

I am honestly thinking of making access to this program about $397 which I think would be an insane value wouldn't you agree?

However, before we open this up to everyone we want to open up our Voice Box Fitness program to a select few "founding members" at a completely no-brainer investment.

The enrollment investment is so unheard of that you'll probably think to yourself "Is Hunter Crazy", but I can assure you that I am not.

I'm just passionate about helping you and people just like you sing and become better singers for life.

So I completely went against the norm and have decided to do something I have just simply never done before...

You can get full access to the Voice Box Fitness program today for just $99.

And if you sign up today, I am going to extend to you a ridiculous "no questions asked" money back guarantee so I can prove to you that this program is a game changer for you and your voice.

Here's What To Do Next

Step 1: Click the "Join The Voice Box Fitness Program" button anywhere on this page

Step 2: Enter your information

Step 3: We'll send you your login details (and bonuses) in an email immediately

Sounds simple right? It's really that easy..

So if you're ready to join and work with me to grow and strengthen your voice... join now!

Before you do that.... one more quick thing

A Quick Decision Matters...

You simply won't be able to join the Voice Box Fitness program forever...

In fact, we're still planning to raise the enrollment fee to $397 monthly, but for now we're giving our new founding members a ridiculous discount.

It's important to not let this opportunity pass you by...

One of the things I teach inside is how successful singers (especially professional singers) take massive action. To be successful you simply have to be able to make quick and calculated decisions.

.... and that's what I think you should do right now.

Click the button on this page and get your instant access to the Voice Box Fitness program and make sure to get in and start growing your voice and applying these techniques to your singing.

I know by now you're thinking to yourself YES... 

I want to be a member of the Voice Box Fitness program....

...but it gets better because I have one of the most iron clad money back guarantees you'll ever find for an online vocal coaching program.

In fact, most online courses have a NO REFUND policy... but here's what I am doing for you when you make the decision to join us today.

The Best Partnership Guarantee Ever

I realize you are able to join this exclusive Voice Box Fitness program at a ridiculously low price, but I want to do even more to make sure you don't let this chance pass you by...

So I am giving you a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee when you join today.

If for any reason you want a refund in your first 30 days simply send us a direct email (and yes we provide our email address to you once you're on the inside) and I'll personally guarantee a fast and full refund to you in under 24 hours.

So all the risk is on me to over deliver when you get inside the Voice Box Fitness program right?

What's the real risk in you giving it a chance?

The only risk is that you'll completely miss out on the opportunity (and the bonuses) if you don't take action immediately.

This Is Something You'll Likely NEVER See Again: The Vocal Coaching Program Along With The Insane Bonuses Is A Complete Game Changer For Everyone

Best of success,


P.S. In case you're one of those people who just scroll to the end of the letter without reading anything, here's the cliff notes version of what we're doing:

I've created the worlds most cost effective and easy vocal coaching program to help you become a better singer, it's called the Voice Box Fitness program.

I plan on charging $397 to be a member of this exclusive group and training (which is an amazing deal by the way), but right now I am letting "founding members" join for just one payment $99.

No I am not crazy... and yes you read that right just one payment of $99.

Just because it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars doesn't mean it's not packed with knowledge and opportunity just like any other program... it simply means that its affordable - which is exactly what I wanted for my students.

No longer are online coaching programs only available to those who can drop $500+ on a course because honestly that blocks so many people from being able to benefit from what I think is one of the big unfair advantages in learning to sing - having me coach you personally.

Right now you can join, grow your voice, and take full advantage of everything we offer in our Voice Box Fitness program for just a few bucks...

Hurry & Join Us Today Before The "Founders" Price Is Gone...

  • Online vocal coaching program where you have access to hours of vocal training and workouts.
  • Exclusive trainings that will allow you to start implementing these techniques into your voice in the same way professional singers strengthen their voices ($297 value)
  • Exclusive VOCAL KICKSTARTER mini-course designed to walk you step by step through working with this program and applying everything in the absolute correct way. ($197 value)
  • ​Access to our "Private Student-Only" group, which until now has never been available to anyone. This allows you to communicate with me directly and let me help you sing better ($397 value)

** By the way, these are actual results from my students and I am simply showing you so you can see how someone like you has transformed their voice (in record time) with this program. I am not guaranteeing you're going to see the same results in 4 days :) #transparency #honesty **

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